Ok, to be honest, This show was almost called, “Where The Heck Is Betty?” because frankly, you never know where she might be from day to day. Hiking through an almond grove to investigate drought conditions, exploring a heritage pig farm in Goleta or researching the plight of exiles with the Dalai Lama in Tibet (not kidding.) She could be on location with Vogue holding a baby goat in her arms in a windy field with a crew of 12 – And she’s the talent. She might be Ubering to LAX to catch a flight to Oaxaca Mexico to sample tequila on a blue agave farm or simply motoring around Santa Barbara as we all head to some new restaurant, Or maybe you’ll spot her in her favorite haunt—on the terrace of the Biltmore sipping a Negroni at sunset. But wherever Betty goes, she radiates curiosity, boundless energy, infectious joy. Betty is fearless.